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Comfort food in Wellington

Granny Ruby’s Kitchen and Salvation Coffee is a Coffee Bar and Cafe in Mt Cook Wellington. It is a boutique coffee roaster and makes and serves Good Food, Fantastic Coffee, with a touch of Fabulous Service.

Its Chefs under the Granny Ruby’s Kitchen brand create and serve rustic comfort food, which is soul pleasing and compliments the salvation that one can find in comfort food and good coffee.

With Covid-19 Level 2 achieved our mode of doing business will be different.

We are open for in Cafe service

We also bring you a contactless pick up service for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner please use the button below to see our menu and order as well as in Cafe dining.

See MENU & Order

We also offer you a contactless delivery service for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner through Uber Eats. Order for delivery through Uber Eats.

We now offer another channel for you to get your comfort food contactlessly find us on the Flamingo Food App as an alternative to UberEats for the Newtown and Mount Cook areas of Wellington

Opening Hours

08:30 am – 7:30 pm
Tuesday through Friday
10:00 am – 8:30 pm
Sat and Sun

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