coffee beans

Freshly Roasted Coffee

We are a boutique roaster that creates a superb in house Italian Espresso blend.

Our customers have commented that this is a unique and satisfying coffee.

“Really good coffee but sadly their own blend so you can only get it there.
Will go back. Service was great and very friendly. ”

The above is from a review posted on trip advisor





Salvation serves a bean blend:

Part Colombian
Part Costa Rican
Part Indonesian

The coffee estates our green beans come from, the quantity of each bean used in every roast, the roast time, temperature used and dry roasting method  is the combination that makes our coffee unique.  This combination is our closely guarded  trade secret.

We use fair trade and organic beans where possible

It’s a strong northern Italian styled espresso.

We only use organic milk, and Granny Ruby’s special chocolate sauce for hot chocolates and mochaccinos.